What Are Inclusions In Diamonds?

What Are Inclusions In Diamonds?

Inclusions in diamonds are tiny inclusions found within the diamond's structure. They form when carbon undergoes extreme pressure and heat to create the diamond. Inclusions are very vital when determining a diamond's clarity.

Inclusion-free/ flawless diamonds are a rarity in the gemstone industry. It's not a challenge since most inclusions cannot be seen right away by looking at a diamond. You would need a powerful microscope to identify them.

The good thing is that these inclusions do not affect the quality/ clarity of the diamond. However, if the inclusions are large, the diamond will be less valuable.

Types Of Diamond Inclusions

There are various types of diamond inclusions. Below is a closer look at each:

  • Feather Inclusions- these are tiny cracks found within/ on the diamond's surface. When the cracks appear on the diamond's surface, they compromise its durability.
  • Pinpoint Inclusions- these are the most widely-known inclusions. They appear as tiny black spots within the diamond.
  • Diamond Cavities- this is a rare inclusion. It appears as a small hole within the diamond. Its presence will significantly lower the diamond's quality. Diamonds with this inclusion end up in industrial tools such as drill bits.

How Inclusions Are Graded?

Most professionals use a specific guide to grade/determine inclusions. Here are the criteria:


This is usually the first thing a gemologist would look for. The bigger the inclusion, the lower the diamond's grade.


A professional would then enumerate the visible inclusions. If the visible inclusions are more, the quality will significantly be affected.


Where the inclusion is located on a diamond will affect its value. If they are at the bottom, they will not affect the diamond's clarity as they would in the center. Furthermore, if they are external, they don't affect the value of the diamond.

When choosing your diamond ring, always ask your jeweler about its clarity. It will significantly affect the value of the diamond jewelry you want to purchase. For high-quality diamond jewelry, Mervis Diamond Importers has you covered. Please book an appointment with our master jewelers here.