What Does A 3-Stone Diamond Ring Symbolize?

What Does A 3-Stone Diamond Ring Symbolize?

If you are thinking of purchasing a ring for the lovely lady in your life, you might be wondering precisely what a 3-stone number stands for.

The Meanings Of A 3-Stone Diamond Ring

There is traditional symbolism behind this ring, but it also carries with it some unexpected meanings.

The Past, Present, And Future Of A Relationship

This is quite the romantic ring because, traditionally, it symbolizes the past, present, and future of a relationship.

Love, Friendship, And Faith

There are other things a three-stone diamond ring can convey. These include love, friendship, and fidelity. It might even hold a religious message within its gems for some.

When purchasing a three-stone ring for the special woman in your life, it's extremely important to make sure that it's something she would genuinely enjoy wearing regularly:

  • Does she like the glitziness of three diamonds or is she more understated when it comes to jewelry?
  • Would she feel appropriately dazzled by a three-diamond number? If she would, you're in good hands!
  • Would she enjoy three diamonds, or would she prefer multiple gemstones?
Perhaps your significant other would enjoy a sapphire or an amethyst.

Customize Your Ring For A More Personal Meaning

If you think the woman in your life would enjoy multiple gemstones, you can most certainly personalize the ring: Perhaps you'd like to have an emerald and two diamonds if that is her birthstone, or you could add a beautiful one that happens to be her favorite color—Maybe a ruby if she loves red!

The vast majority of our clients are incredibly thrilled with our beautiful gemstones. We love the idea of a three-diamond ring, and we can assure you that our pieces are appropriately stunning.

Please contact us here for assistance. We're confident that your special someone will adore our rings!