What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

One essential thing you have to note about diamonds is that they sell by weight rather than size. With this in mind, you will find that most one-carat round-cut diamonds will be similar in size with slight variations.

Shopping for a diamond ring can be quite an adventure. With various elements like settings, clarity, and color, you'll have to be keen in your approach if you're looking for a mix of dazzle, sparkle, and shine. One way to get all that and more is to go for the diamond shape and cut that appears more significant.

How To Choose The Biggest Looking Diamond Shape

Varying diamond shapes and cuts may cause optical illusions. This is because specific shapes will make the stone appear more prominent. Below are shapes that guarantee your preferred optics:

Choose Elongated Diamonds

A diamond with an elongated shape will appear larger. The more extended cut will create a more significant surface area on the top of the stone, making it appear bigger. In reality, though, the elongated diamond shape is shallower.

These proportions create a "spread," which gives it the illusion of being bigger. Here are fancy shapes that make a diamond appear bigger:

  • Emerald Cut- this rectangular step-cut gives the illusion of being more prominent. They usually have a broader table that takes up a bigger space on your finger.
  • Marquise Cut- this cut is elliptical with longer points at each end. This "football-shaped" cut will trick the eye as it looks more significant than its carat weight would suggest.
  • Oval Cut- this is a famous elongated-shaped diamond. It also has great brilliance and is known for its superior sparkle.
  • Pear Shaped- this unique "teardrop" diamond seems larger than the round diamond of equal carat weight. It's becoming a popular choice for engagement rings.

Generally, diamonds cut in fancy shapes will always look bigger than round-cut diamonds. These diamonds also cost 10-40% less per carat. You will spend less while enjoying the optics they offer.

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